It’s been a while since the last blog post (just a month ago!). During the period, I’ve been asked many times about the next move from our customers but couldn’t tell them details until now, so I’m pretty excited writing this post. Now let me talk about what we have been working on.


Betalist – End of September

We posted Remoot on Betalist at the end of September and got “so much” traffic that we couldn’t handle well. It was just because our backend structure was designed to support just few hundred customers, not over a thousand. This slowed us down and we realized we weren’t capable of offering a level of service that we set ourselves at first.

We had lots of conversations about how we can restructure the system, and concluded we need to spend a month or two to restructure the whole backend system and forget about everything else. It was a hard decision, but these customers’ voices made us think like what we’re doing at Remoot is something valuable to lots of people. So just a month ago we started working on 3 things to offer Remoot for wider audience.



1. Admin : Beginning – Mid of October

We found three challenges on the struggling system #1. real-time & simultaneous communication with multiple customers #2. scalability (speed, search, pagination, speed, etc) #3. todo management (when / how to connect people and jobs).

To fix #1 we revamped the Concierge inbox so that new messages from customers get updated every few sec. By doing this, we now can deliver real-time experiences to multiple customers at same time. You wouldn’t believe me, but Concierge needed to refresh browser every time they would talk to customers until this feature is shipped.

For #2, we’ve completely changed the backend & fronted code to handle massive data (technically now we can handle millions of people) and make it searchable without waiting seconds. Now we can match people and jobs at much bigger scale.

#3 was a good-to-have problem – we missed few requests from customers by being overly loved and asked by customers. To answer their needs, we’ve made a calendar view as well as easy-to-use todo management system internally so we won’t miss any of them.


Can’t show you exactly what it looks like but it’s really handy.

Frankly I’m pretty proud of what we’ve made in just few weeks. Now we cleared all the challenges and ready to invite more people to the community. Rock on.

2. Mobile Web – Mid to End of October

Since we introduced the iOS app, we’ve got several requests for Android app. And I’m sorry – we’re not ready for the app yet. But we instead redesigned our buggy and ugly mobile web and made it “ok-to-use”, so you can do basic stuff like chatting with Concierge and posting jobs at ease on any mobile devices.


It’s pretty cool.

It’s not a perfect-UX product, but now you can check email notifications from Remoot on your smartphone quietly easily. Maybe for some of our customers this simple feature alone has a big impact (as far as I can tell from our customer feedback).

3. Job Job Job – Beginning to End of October

The worst thing of all, when people looking for jobs come to Remoot, sometimes we couldn’t even introduce a job. That’s a really terrible experience (because that’s why they signed up for Remoot). To change this, we’ve gathered job information from all around the web so we can introduce them to our customers and eventually match them with employers smoothly.

For the waited customers

Remoot is still a small community by number of members, but I’m really happy to see the their engagements so far, because that’s what we’ve been focusing on.

Lastly – those who requested invitations to join Remoot by the end of October, we will invite all of you in the next few days. Again, sorry for keep you waiting – I as an individual am impatient and really hate waiting, so I know how you’ve been thinking. Hope you’ll enjoy it.