FOR WORKING What is Remoot? Remoot is your recruiting agent to find jobs and get hired. Whether you’re willing to land amazing opportunities, all you need is to talk to our concierge! And it’s free :) What kind of jobs are available? Virtually any kind of job! But we mainly work with three types of jobs: Fulltime, Contract, and Freelance. How does it work? Chat


Tell us any kind of jobs you’re looking for. We will make tailored introductions for you.



Apply for jobs you love. If your application is qualified, you will be invited for interviews.

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Take job interviews, finalize terms, and get job offers! It’s pretty simple.

How much does Remoot cost to get hired? Getting hired on Remoot is completely free! You can withdraw earnings of freelance jobs directly on Remoot, too.

FOR HIRING What is Remoot? Remoot is your recruiting agent to source candidates and hire them. Whenver you need to build the best team, all you need is to talk to our concierge! Great news is, it’s free until you successfully hire! How does it work? Job Search


Write up job description in details. We will introduce your job to potential candidates.



You will receive job applicaitons from qualified candidates with right skill-sets and experiences.

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Conduct interviews and send job offers. We’ll take care of all operational works!

How much does it cost to hire talent? On Remoot, you pay only when you successfully hire talent.

For hiring fulltime workers, we charge 10% of first year salary : if you hire a sales person at annual salary of 50,000 USD, then the fee will be be 5,000 USD.

For contractors, we charge 1-month amount of the fee : If you hire a contract designer at 2,000 USD per month for 6 month, then the fee will be 2,000 USD.

For freelance jobs, we charge 100% project fee plus 10% of the hiring fee : If the project is 1,000 USD, then it’d be 1,100 USD. The hired talent can withdraw 100% of the earning directly on Remoot.

Do you have any refund plan? We have 3 month full-refund policy for full-time jobs and contract jobs longer than 6 months.

We do not offer refund plan for freelance jobs as you can review the deliverable before you accept applications. What are Admin and Member? When you invite your colleagues to your account, you can choose the role either Admin or Member. The difference is pretty simple : Members cannot invite other people to the page. Admins can do. Members cannot add or edit payment methods such as credit card. Admins can do. Any tip to hire on Remoot? We recommend you filling out job information as detailed and accurate as possible so we can find the right candidates!


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