We’ve received lots of requests for building mobile apps, so I’m thrilled to announce that Remoot iOS beta is now ready.

Using the app, you can chat with clients, candidates, and of course Concierge. You can also apply for jobs, hire experts and do many other cool stuff, but I think the best part is the push notification, since most of members were worried about missing messages on PC (although we have email notification).

Since the app is not on the AppStore yet, we ask you to speed 30 sec to fill the form below so we can send you a link to install the app on TestFlight. TestFlight is an app for letting you test apps that are not on AppStore.

Please fill this form for us to send you the beta app.

Go to the Form.

We prioritize inviting Remoot members first, but will gradually invite more people who haven’t signed up to the community too.

Hope you will enjoy, and please let us know your feedback as always.