Since the year 2010, I’ve been working on a project called the Law of Success 2.0 and interviewed over a hundred of prestigious individuals like Nobel laureates and Fortune 500 executives. Through the research I found “working on what to love” is the critical piece to achieve astonishing results, and this finding intrigued me to build a community that connects people and jobs they love.

The crucial moment was Summer 2014. I was looking for marketing gigs to make few hundred bucks. Having miserably failed at a startup I started, I was deeply in short of cash. I just wanted to work on something I knew of well and get paid for it. Simple, right?

That’s when I realized the way get hired is broken.

The more I talk with friends, the stronger I got convinced that there should be a solution to connect people and jobs in a better way. Some complained the salesy pushes from recruiting companies who are only incentivized by their commission, or some hated the price war on freelance sites where talented workers are treated as cheap labor who design a logo for less than a C-note.

I knew the best jobs always come from references of my trusted network. This sounds almost a cliche, but none of services out there wasn’t building their products on top of this simple insight. So I started working on a small project called Remoot (actually back then it was called “Remote”, since the main target was remote workers).

Remoot is a community that makes tailored introductions for people to find jobs. In short, we connect people and jobs through trusted references.

On top the core concept, we care about two things.

Quality of product : almost all recruiting/freelance software sucks. I don’t know why, but they almost always suck. They are not designed nor well-functioning. They require us reading documents or going through tutorials to use their products. We want to change this. We carefully crafted the way clients and experts interact and are referred.

Quality of support : our community managers are called “Concierge”. As the name suggests, we deeply care about every single request from our customers and fully committed to achieve them. We don’t want the community feel like being treated as cash cow nor cheap labor any more. They are very, very, very important for us.

We just launched our product (currently invite-only) and always look forward to hearing from you! Tweet us or Email us anytime.

We hope you enjoy Remoot.

Founder – Haegwan Kim