It’s been a while since our last blog. But trust me, we weren’t taking break or just chilling out. Instead, we’ve been working hard to build one new feature that might interests you. Let me talk about that in this post.


Since we launched our product privately few months ago, the reactions from customers were great – actually so great that we couldn’t keep up with it. Remoot offers a personal recruiting assistant service to each customer one by one, so we hit our capacity limit soon after the launch. Sometime I needed to chat with about ten customers at a time. As you imagine, that’s something you can’t do for a long period of time.

At some point, we realized we wouldn’t be able to offer same quality of service to the increasing customers. At the same time we didn’t want (and still don’t want) to compromise the customer experience over business expansion. There were two options to tackle this problem.

First, increase human resource like other recruiting companies and expand our bandwidth. Second, build a human-like chat bot that take care of customers at scale, without compromising the service quality. We considered taking outside investment to take the first path, but for us the second option sounds more challenging but attracting as you can scale up quickly and radically reduce the cost of recruiting service as well as fasten the matching between talent and jobs. So we started (and have been) building a bot that works like your recruiting agent. That’s what we’ve been doing in the past few months.

How It Works

It’s super simple. Just talk with the bot! She’s called Amy. The development is still early so she’s kinda bumpy and weird sometimes, but we wanted to get your feedback to improve her over time and decided to invite few dozens customers from our waiting list (for the current customers, you can just login and can enjoy talking with her).

screen shot remoot

In a nutshell what she does is finding jobs that match your professional experience and connecting you with clients who want to interview you.

Hope you will enjoy.